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 We specialise in all types of V-belts, PU-PVC & Rubber Timing & Conveyor belts, Treadmill belts, Bakery belts, Oven belts, Teflon conveyor belts, Caterpillar belts, Nylon sandwich Flat belts, Feeder belts and V-pulleys & Timing pulleys .

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About us

Industrial Belts Corporation is a prominent name in the industry engaged in providing complete solutions to its customers from several industries to suit their demands for industrial belts and related accessories. With its business based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu (India) our company is operating its entire business activities as a Partnership venture since its foundation in the year 2000. With our terrain adroitness in the Wholesale Trader and Exporter, we are involved in offering products such as Belt Pulley, Conveyor Belt, Timing Belts, Strapping Machine and much more. We also provide services of Vulcanizing Solution. Manufactured by keeping the quality standards as a major focus, our range of products is in extensive demand amongst our valued customers. Our products are widely used in different sectors such as commercial and industrial places. We have become to acquire an enviable position in their industry due to our grit, passion and commitment in terms of our business values.

One Stop Shop - We strive to deliver every product in the belts' vertical. Be it V-belts, timing belts, profile belts and every other related thing that belongs to our product territory. Besides operating in this vertical, we also house packaging materials of almost all types. We are engaged in the business of many reputed and esteemed brands such as Mitsuboshi, Pacwel, Derco, Nitta, Gates, Megadyne, Yasung and Contitech from Continential.

Choosing the right Transmission Belt

Belts are mechanical elements used for power transmission without phase shift. They are loops of flexible materials used to mechanically connect several rotating shafts, most often parallel. Belts can be used as a transmission element, to efficiently transmit power or movement.

  • How to choose a transmission belt?

    In order to make the right choice, you will need to know the type of section and the belt dimensions. In this guide you will find the different sections available on the market, with their advantages and disadvantages.

    The type of belt you should use depends on the type of application:

    • torque to be transmitted

    • rotational speed

    • center distance

    • reduction ratio

    • temperature and lubrication conditions

Why choose a V-belt?

These are the most commonly used belts for power transmission. At the same level of tension, they transmit higher power than flat belts. They are used, for example, in variable-speed drives. They offer the best combinations of traction, speed, bearing load and service life.


The V-shaped section of the belt follows a groove in the pulley, which prevents the belt from slipping and improves torque transmission.

It is less wide than a flat belt and therefore takes up less space.

It doesn’t need to be as taut.

The optimal speed range is between 300 and 2,130 m/min.

For high power requirements, two or more V-belts can be assembled side by side in an arrangement called a “multiple belt drive.”

V-belts, also called trapezoidal belts, can be made of rubber or polymer without reinforcement, or they can have fibers incorporated into the rubber or polymer to increase strength. These fibres can be made of textile material (such as cotton), polyamide (such as nylon), polyester or, for greater strength, steel or aramid (such as Kevlar).

When a seamless belt does not meet the requirements of the application, articulated V-belts can be used. Most models offer the same power and speed as endless belts of the same size and do not require special pulleys to operate. They are easy to install and have a higher environmental resistance than rubber belts. They are also adjustable in length if you choose to remove the links.

Product Properties


Mitsuboshi V–belts special oil resistant cover protects in from damage from influence of oil, grease and fatty components. This property provides longer belt life.


Mitsuboshi V–belts have heat resistant properties, which prevent ageing and decomposition of the belts at high temperature.


Mitsuboshi V–belts have electrical conductivity properties which prevent buildup of static electricity. This property is of great importance when working with inflammable materials.

Mitsuboshi V–belts are ISI and ISO certified and are made under strict total quality control management. V – Belts are made with precision building technology. All belts of all sizes are of standard dimensions within specified tolerance limit.


Mitsuboshi : Range of timing belts, polymax, vee and wedge belts , and variable speed belts ( Japan)

Gates : Range of industrial timing belts and power transmission products ( USA , Japan)

Contitech : Range of timing belts
( Germany)

Nitta : conveyors and flat belts

Megadyne : Pu timing belts and open rolls for Automation

IBC flex : Range of Open roll and jointed belts in Pu Manufacturers of Timing Pulley and Vee belt Pulleys

Kureha Rubber Roller Covering

Manufacturers of Coated belts ( for packagaing industries ) Any type of linatex / pu / rough coating on Timing belts/ conveyor belts. flat belts).

Goodyear : Eagle PD belts ( USA)

Volta: PU round polyurethane cords ( rough and smooth)

Manufacturers of Catterpillar / take up belts

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Quality Assurance

 We live in a market where a click of mouse gets us quotation from tens of suppliers from around the globe, nothing can be better than this for customers and competition. But problem arises when a genuine distributor is pitched against companies who sell degraded quality to be the lowest bidder. We urge, request and trust our buyers and purchase managers to help us in maintaining our quality by comparing us. Our price quotes with equivalent competitors in terms of experience, credibility and technicality of the product.

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