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Paper and Cardboard Handling Belts and Rollers

We offer an extensive range of specialty belts and rollers used in:
– printing and digital printing units
– paper, cardboard and plastic feeding and conveying lines
– cardboard folding and gluing and others.

Our range includes vacuum and friction feeder belts, rollers, transmission belts, elastic and semi-elastic folding and conveyor belts, numerous feeder belts, natural gum rubber, PU and neoprene rollers and PU foam pads covered with transparent film.

These belts are suitable for most popular machines on the market for these specific applications, including Bobst, Tanabe, Jagenberg and others.

Combination of the most suitable coatings, precise fabrication, friction coefficient, abrasion resistance and very high running time makes these belts the most reliable replacement option for all types of inserters, sorters, folders, feeders, franking machines and others.

We are happy to provide customised services to assist with your requirements. Please contact us directly for more information regarding your specific requirements.

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